Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Adventures in Housing...part 2!

Last I left you we were preparing to have an apartment inspected by the company and hoping to get it approved so we could move out of the hotel. Well...it wasn't that easy! (If you missed it read part 1 HERE).

We submitted the papers on Wednesday evening and the flat was inspected on Thursday morning. The company decided that they didn't agree with the Landlord on the value of the property and they were going to see if they could come to an agreement. They sent hubby home for the weekend and said they would be in contact on Sunday. We were quite depressed about this so we went out with friends for the evening.

Friday we went to church and Hubby, Unicorn and I all gave talks in Sacrament meeting. Ladybug gave a talk in Primary and Monkey gave a scripture and said a prayer in Primary. After church we had a potluck with the members. After church we went back to the hotel and relaxed.

Saturday we decided to take a drive to Dubai and go shopping at IKEA. It was a nice distraction and we got some stuff for our new place.
Driving to Dubai
The tallest building in the world. The Burj Khalifa.
Sunday we went and looked at another apartment and decided to rent it but just before we got our paperwork in someone else rented it. Then at 8 pm we went out and looked at one last apartment and decided to go for it. We were running out of options because if we couldn't find something that would work for us then we would have to go with what ever the company had available. We got the paperwork together to submit Monday morning.

Monday hubby submitted the paperwork and the company did the inspection that day. Thankfully, they approved it! The kids also had their ice skating lessons.

Tuesday we got keys and started moving some stuff in.

Wednesday we got the utilities turned on and moved in more stuff.

Thursday we checked out of the hotel (after 54 days) and our appliances were delivered.

Friday was church and Unicorn spent the night at a friend's house.

Saturday we got internet and had someone come clean the apartment.

Sunday the kids IKEA furniture was delivered and assembled. We also had some fun watching jets fly over our place!

Monday the kids had ice skating lessons and we had yummy chicken Parmesan for dinner.

Today we get our wi-fi and roku set up!

I am grateful Spring Break is 2 weeks so we can do some fun exploring next week!

Here are a couple videos of our new place. The first one was filmed before we had electricity or all our stuff in it but Ladybug wanted me to share it with you anyway...she is your tour guide! ;)

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