Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Hospital, Flooding and Shopping (Oh My)!

I know it has been awhile since I have posted here. A lot of what has been happening here has been very personal so I have been posting on my private family blog. However, I do want to share with you a little of what has been happening and give you a sneak peek at what is to come here!

Earlier this week, Ladybug got pretty sick. She had been fighting an urinary tract infection for a couple of days and then took a sudden turn for the worse and ended up in the hospital. Here is the short version: she was given an antibiotic shot and then threw up (we believe from the trauma) and got herself admitted into the hospital (up until she threw up they were talking about discharging her). They put in her IV. It was horrible. It took them 2 tries and 45 minutes and she was very upset that they were digging around in her veins! The hospital we were at is not set up for pediatrics so she got to ride in an ambulance to the Children's Hospital (an hour and a half away)! At this point it is 1am the next day! She spent all day Wednesday in the hospital as was released on Thursday around 11 am! She is doing much better and almost back to normal!

When I called my dad in Minnesota Wednesday morning to tell him what happened he told me they were trying to get from their little town to Cloquet to some family members who were flooded. This is the town where I grew up! I have never seen anything like this there. Here are some pictures my dad sent.
The Swinging Bridge at Jay Cooke State Park a few years ago
What is left of the Swinging Bridge at Jay Cooke State Park after this week's flooding!
Moose Lake Campground
On a lighter note, Unicorn is growing like a weed and we needed to get her some new clothes. Ladybug and Monkey also got a couple things.

SNEAK PEEK: In the next week or so I hope to update our About Us page, to show you what our new school room looks like and to give you an update on our Summer Bucket List!

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

MyMemories ~ Terrific Tuesday (on Wednesday)

I know I haven't been very good with the MyMemories Freebies lately but I'm back! In order to make it easier on me and easier for you to find, I have added a MyMemories Tab at the top of my page. I will updated the Freebies on Tuesday or Wednesday each week. This weeks Freebie is a Crown! Click the MyMemories Tab above to get the Freebie and come back next week for more!
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Friday, June 1, 2012