Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer Reading (and more)

I signed the girls up for an online Summer Reading Class and so far they are loving it! 

Unicorn's first book was "Hatchet" by Gary Paulsen. 

The teacher "meets" with the class online once a week and they have a discussion about the book. Then she sends project options via email! Unicorn has been researching wilderness survival and is creating a  powerpoint of her Top 10 Survival items to show what she has learned. 

This is what she came up with:
10. Flashlight
9. Gloves
8. Water Bottle
7. Mylar Survival Blanket
6. Small Roll of Fishing Line or Dental Floss
5. First Aid Kit
4. Lighter
3. Compass
2. Cell Phone
1. A Map of the Area

Ladybug's first book was "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" by Judy Barrett. 

After Unicorn read the book to her and she "attended" class, Ladybug and Unicorn made a 6-Day Desert Food Forcast on powerpoint. They had fun finding clip art and animating the words and pictures! 
looking through the book for ideas

jotting down ideas

Here is their 6-Day Desert Food Forecast:
Unicorn's Monday Forecast - Blazing hot with a chance of monsoon pizza!
Ladybug's Tuesday Forecast - Cooler with a chance of ice cream storms!
Unicorn's Wednesday Forecast - Steaming hot with a chance of spaghetti fog!
Ladybug's Thursday Forecast - Really hot with a chance of cookie hail!
Unicorn's Friday Forecast - Frying hot with a chance of violent peanut butter storms!
Ladybug's Saturday Forecast - Really, really hot with a chance of hamburger tornados!

Ladybug's second book was "Pickles to Pittsburgh" also, by Judy Barrett (I wish I had a picture of this book but it was checked out of the library). Her teacher challenged her to learn more about Pittsburg and to hold a "Pickle Tasting" with her family and chart the results.

This is what they learned about Pittsburgh:

Did you know that Pittsburgh...

is in Pennsylvania?
is known as "The City of Bridges"?
is known as "The Steel City"?
is the Host City for the 2011 NHL Winter Classic?
was named "The Most Livable City" in 2007, 2009 and 2010?
has an average high of about 60 degrees?
has an average low of about 41 degrees?
was ranked as one of the top 5 places in America to raise children?
has one of the top 3 zoos?
is home to the original Mallo Cup marshmallow candy?
is where the movie "Angles in the Outfield" was filmed?
is where the "Big Mac" was invented?
held the first World Series Game night game?

And their Pickle Pictures & Results:

We tried 6 varieties - "Spicy Dill", "Sweet Gherkins", "Tiny Sweet Midgets", "Kosher Dills",  "Bread & Butter Chips" and "Sweet Relish"

This was Unicorn's face for all 6 kinds...she didn't like any of them!

Ladybug tried all 6 varieties that we bought but only liked the 
"Tiny Sweet Midgets" and the "Sweet Relish"

Monkey didn't like any of the pickles...He would tell Unicorn, "put that back!"

Dad liked all the pickles and Mom liked all but the "Kosher Dills".

Next week, Unicorn will be reading "Bridge to Terabithia" by Katherine Paterson

and Ladybug is reading "Froggy gets Dressed" by Jonathon London

Next week is also Friendship week so the girls will be doing a Friendship Web and a Friendship Poem.
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