Wednesday, December 3, 2014

An Update...

It has been a while (ok...almost 3 months) since my last post but something has happened and I feel like I need to post so that you all know that my family and I are all ok.

It is now international news that an American teacher was stabbed to death in a high-end mall in Abu Dhabi. I have a friend, who is also a fellow blogger and teacher, in Abu Dhabi and her post this morning is well written and really says it all.

PLEASE click here and go read her post: Sometimes things just happen... by Audra Raye Abroad.

and an update on the incident: The suspect has been arrested. Read the full story here.

The company that recruited both the American teacher who was killed and my husband has started a campaign to raise fund to help her family get her body back to the States and to start a trust for the education of her children. Please donate if you can. Also, please share the campaign as every donation and share will help.   
Click here to donate, share, and learn more.
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