About Us

My name is Michelle and I am a former school teacher turned homeschooling mama! Hubby and I decided to start homeschooling when Unicorn was in the 4th grade. She was really struggling in math and, having worked in the public school system, I knew what they were suggesting for help for her wasn't going to cut it. It was my first year as a stay at home mom (I was running a preschool in our home) so, we took a leap of faith and pulled Unicorn out of school and closed down the preschool. It has been challenging financially (hubby is a school teacher) but SO worth it to see our children learn and grow!

Unicorn is 13 years old and a leap day baby! She is an awesome reader, great big sister and beautiful daughter. She still struggles in math but is getting better each day! She is now officially in High School!
 Ladybug is 7 years old! She is VERY smart and stubborn. She loves math and has very little desire to learn to read. She loves to make projects, jump on her trampoline and be in charge. She is in 2nd Grade.
 Monkey is 5 years old! He is the calm in our storm of girls. He LOVES to learn, especially through music. He loves cars, trains and doing things with his sisters. He is in Kindergarten!

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