Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Adventures in Housing...

Last Thursday we were told we can find our own housing and to try to get it by the next Thursday!

Thursday night we scoured the internet searching for places and realtors (trying not to panic)

Friday we went to Church and then looked at 3 properties. The first was a villa that was TOO big, the second a villa that was TOO small, and the third was an apartment that was JUST right (yep...we felt a bit like Goldilocks)!

Saturday we looked at 1 more property and decided on the one from Friday. Saturday night we talk to our realtor and we was going to get us the info we need by Sunday.

Sunday we call and call him and no answer (really trying not to panic). Sunday night we meet with a financial planner and he says he will call is realtor friend and have him call us. The new realtor calls us Sunday night and we make an appt. to show him the property we want on Monday.

Monday we show him the property we want and he says "I rented that one out last week"! We then say we will take the other one that he showed us on Saturday (it was a lot smaller than we would like but we would make it work). He calls us back a few hours later and says that that property was rented out the night before (he also said we had "no luck")! LOL! He then promised that he will find something that will work for us. A few hours later he calls and says he has 2 for us to look at on Tuesday.

Tuesday we go look at an apartment that is too small and a villa that is being renovated and will be ready in 2 weeks. We decide to have the realtor meet us at "housing" and explain the situation and see if they will let us take the villa in 2 weeks. I then head to a mall that is near "housing" and just as we are about to pull into the parking lot the realtor calls and asks if we want to look at one more. He says it is brand new and he thinks we will like it. Since he is just on the other side of the mall we go meet up with him again and head over to the last place. Once we get there the doors are locked and we can't get in. He calls the landlord and he heads over. He ends up not having the right keys (the apartments are very new and the keys are at the bank and the bank is closed). Our realtor goes hunting around and finds an unlocked window and climbs in. There is a chair nearby that we use to help the kids and myself climb in as well. The apartment is a nice 3 bedroom with a decent sized maid/storage room that we can use for a 4th bedroom. We put down a deposit and are working on getting all the documents needed to take to housing to get everything taken care of. Hopefully we will be out of the hotel next week...just in time to start SPRING BREAK!

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