Sunday, November 3, 2013

See the Light: Art Projects {Mosaic Review}

This product was a fun one for Unicorn. She had a great time (she actually did all 4 hour lessons in one sitting) and did it all by herself.
The product is Art Projects by See the Light, a Christian-based Art program. The project we reviewed was "Paper Jungle"
In a Nutshell:
~9 DVD's with 4 lessons each that lead to a culminating project
~$14.99/ea. OR $12.50/ea. as DVD of the month OR $99.99 for Boxed Set
~Each DVD teaches a different art style and artist
~Art Projects are designed to follow Art Class (a 9 volume-set of 36 Art Lessons)
~Earn 1/2 High School Fine Art credit if you complete all 9 DVD's and go on a couple field trips
 Our Thoughts:
As you can tell from the photos, Unicorn (13 years old) enjoyed this project. She had fun learning about layering and creating a foreground and background. I LOVED that she could pop in the DVD and do it all herself. We didn't have the exact sizes of paper that were on the materials list but it didn't matter...she was able to adapt the project and make it work. She even has plans to use the DVD to teach Monkey (5) and Ladybug (7) how to make a Paper Jungle. I would say that the only down-side is the price. Unless you buy the box-set and have multiple children that can use it, it is a little on the pricey side for me. However, I think the pros outweigh the cons for me!

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