Sunday, November 10, 2013

Preparing for Abu Dhabi

Getting everything ready to move across the world is a very daunting, time consuming task! We have gathered all the necessary paperwork and will be getting it notarized and authenticated this week. Then we will be sending it to Proex to finish the authentication process.

In addition to all the paperwork there is the intimidating task of selling almost everything we own! We have sold almost $1500 worth of stuff and have almost $2500 more claimed (and there is so much we still need to sell)! Some claimed items will be picked up this week while others (like our beds) will be picked up closer to Christmas. This money is helping to pay for the fingerprinting and authentication process, hubby's new suits, and some money to live on until the new paychecks start coming in.

We are also in the process of getting our house on the market. Know anyone who wants to buy a charming house in a small town just south of Phoenix, Arizona?!?

One of the more fun items on our VERY long to-do list is to get hubby a couple new suits. He hasn't had a new suit since we were married 9 years ago! This last Friday we went to a local store that sells suits for LDS (Mormon) missionaries. One thing I LOVE about these suits is that they are all 2-pants suits and the cost of alteration is included in the price. He is a photo of hubby getting fitted for his new suit!

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