Saturday, February 23, 2013

Week in Review ~ the one with Snow

This has been a crazy week! Especially Wednesday! For those who don't know, we live just outside of Phoenix, Arizona and this is what it looked like here on Wednesday:
This is NOT normal! Click here for more photos of snow in Phoenix.
Also, on Wednesday, on Arizona State Route 89 this happened:

 This is a MAJOR route between Utah and Arizona about 25 miles South of Page, Arizona. Click here to read more about what happened!

On to the more normal occurrences. We are loving our new curriculum. We are loving the products we are reviewing (to see what is coming just peek at my sidebar). Unicorn (with help from Ladybug and me) is crocheting scarves to sell to raise money to go to girl's camp. She has sold 4 and needs to sell about 6 more (Email me if you are interested in purchasing one).
Playing a Latitude/Longitude game
Coloring by Sight Words
Writing a Thank You note to someone who purchased a scarf
Yarn to make scarves
White Knitted Scarf with Gold Trim ($20 plus $2 shipping)
Purple Knitted Scarf (it is a dark purple-$20 plus $2 shipping)
Burnt Orange, Burgundy, Deep Purple, Red Crocheted Scarf ($15 plus $2 shipping)
Chocolate, Ivory, Tan, Silver Crocheted Scarf ($15 plus $2 shipping)
Orange, Blue, Olive, Purple Crocheted Scarf ($15 plus $2 shipping)
Hot Pink, Pink and White Crocheted Scarf ($15 plus $2 shipping)

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  1. My mom called to tell me about the snow - sooooo crazy! Wish I was there to have seen it. Miss you!!

    1. We didn't actually see was all around us. :( We miss you too!


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