Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A New Venture...

As I sat looking at all the scarves that my daughters and I have been making, I realized we needed to do something with them besides just randomly post on Facebook. 
So, {insert drum roll here} we opened and Etsy Shop!

I am hoping it will be something that my girls and I can do together and that maybe they will learn some life skills along the way. Think about it. They are learning...
~to knit
~to crochet
~to take good photos
~how to price items
~how to label and ship items
~how to run an Etsy shop
~how to save, spend and give their profits
I am sure I am missing something but these are skills that will help them in their future and maybe I will even give them an elective credit (or two). {wink, wink}

We would love you to check out our little shop, Triple M Scarves!
(our names all start with "M")
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