Sunday, November 27, 2011

TOS Review ~ The Reading Game


Kenneth Hodkinson, the author of Wordly Wise, has a great new game to help new and/or struggling readers called The Reading Game. Played like the popular game Memory, The Reading Game uses repetition and fun to help students learn new words. After all 6 mini-memory games are played (and words are quickly recognized) the corresponding book is read. After all 6 books are read students will know 180 words.
Nuts & Bolts:
~Ages 4+
~2 players
~Published by Allsaid & Dunn, LLC
~$24.95 ea.

~6 sets of memory cards color-coded to match each book (6 mini-games within each set)
~6 illustrated books
~Rules & Teacher (Parent) Guide
~Assessment (pre- and post-) available on website

Our Thoughts:
Ladybug (5) thought the games were fun and even enjoyed the stories. I like that it was ready to go out of the box (not teacher intensive) and that Unicorn (11) could play with Ladybug acting as the "tutor". The game uses memory (not phonics) to teach the words. Because of this I would not use this as a stand-alone reading curriculum. However, many of the words in the game are sight words so it would work well along side a phonics curriculum. Most of the words used in The Reading Game are Dolch words and words from the 100 most commonly used English words.

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{Disclaimer: I received a copy of The Reading Game in exchange for my honest review. I received no other compensation and all opinions are my own.}
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  1. Sounds like a great game, my kids are already reading otherwise I would have check it out more.  Thanks for sharing on the NOBH

  2. Looks like a great game for my girls.  I have a 4 year old just getting started in reading.  thanks for sharing.  


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