Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Our European Vacation {Day 1 - Travel Day}

Today we woke up at 4 am. We had to be at our friends house at 5 am. They are keeping an eye on our car and giving us a ride to the Abu Dhabi airport. We arrived at the airport about 6:45 am for an 8:55 am flight. The plane was pretty empty so we were able to switch seats. We landed in Frankfurt around 1:45 and rented a car. Then we drove about 2 hours to Nurnberg! It was a long day of traveling! Once we got to Nurnberg we met up with my foreign exchange sister (she lived with my family in Minnesota when I was around 12 years old) and she and her husband took us to dinner.
We just landed in Germany...what a happy boy!
She is happy we are in Germany!
Another happy kid!
This is we got on and off the plane.
On the bus from the plane to the terminal.

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