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TOS Review ~



Does your student need to learn his/her math facts? can help with that!

Do you need a fun way to practice spelling or learn vocabulary? can help with that!

Would you like a fun way to learn about U.S. States? guessed may be your answer!
Photobucket is an online site that is geared to helping parents help their children learn basic math facts, spelling and vocabulary skills and basic facts about the U.S. States. is very easy to use. Just click on the subject you want to use and you have immediate access to their FREE version. You can play without registering. If you register, you will have a few more options (such as being able to enter and save a customized spelling list). For even more options, such as being able to create your own "buddy" or for more games you can UPGRADE your account for $9.98/year. With the PREMIUM membership (click here for Premium pricing) you will get emails with your students progress, access to all the games, times quizzes, built-in reviews and advancement based on student proficiency.  Click the subject for a complete list on the differences between the free and premium versions of MATH or STATES. The free version of the Spelling/Vocabulary program is for older students, the premium version is for younger students.

We were given access to the Premium version for the review. Ladybug (5 years old) used the Premium Spelling to practice her words. I entered the words I wanted her to learn. It was very easy to do. I also looked over the available lists and they seem to be very appropriate for students learning to spell phonetically. Ladybug enjoyed the spelling games (especially the one with the is similar to hangman). Ladybug also practiced her addition facts. The default list of facts was too long for her so having the Premium version was nice as I was able to adjust the number of facts she reviewed at one time. I could also increase/decrease the alloted time she had to complete the facts. I tried to explore the States with Ladybug but she was not interested in it yet. I would recommend it for ages 8 and up.

Unicorn (11 years old) practiced her multiplication facts. She also explored the States and used the Spelling/Vocabulary sections. Unicorn loves spelling and is very good at it. She is no longer required to  study spelling. Having said that, she had a great time using the Spelling program. She was able to find a list that was challenging to her. She also had a great time exploring the States program. I didn't require it of her. She chose to do it on her own and enjoyed it.  

Both girls liked earning "coins" to play the games in the reward section. These games are fun and educational.

In a nutshell:
~Recommended for kids KG-99 (the spelling/vocabulary lists can be customized to challenge anyone)
~Recommended for those who like using the computer
~Recommended for those who are short on time (it is very quick and easy to customize lists)
~Recommended by my girls :)
~I really like this product. I like that my girls like it and that it is customizable.
~One thing I don't like is that there is not a separate parent profile. I have to log in as my student to make changes (this also means that the student can make changes too ~ could be good or bad depending on the student). It also means that I have to wait for an email or watch my student to determine progress.
~Click HERE for detailed pricing.

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{Disclaimer: I received the Premium Version of in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.}
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