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TOS Review {and Discount Code} ~ Pig Pile by R&R Games

Well, here it is! 
My first official review as a member of The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Review Crew!

Pig Pile by R&R Games

What is Pig Pile? 

Pig Pile is a fast-paced card game where the object of the game is to be the first person to get rid of all your cards and collect the most pigs.

RnR Games Pig Pile
How do you play Pig Pile? 

I will be honest...the rules are a little difficult to understand. Basically, each player has 6 cards laying in front of them (3 face up and 3 face down). These cards do NOT come into play until the draw pile is gone. Additionally, each player is dealt 7 cards as a starting hand. The remaining cards become the draw pile.

The dealer goes first. During each turn a player must play one or more cards into the pig pile (the discard pile) which is formed next to the draw pile. Discarded cards must be equal to or higher than the top card on the pig pile. The only exception is the Hog Wild card. If there are no cards or the top card is a Hog Wild card than any card may be played. To play more than one card at a time the cards must be the same or include a Hog Wild. At the end of a turn the player must draw a card from the draw pile. If a player can not play any cards then he/she must pick up all the cards in the Pig Pile and play goes to the next player (do not draw a card). Play continues this way until all the cards are gone from the draw pile.

Once the draw pile is gone, play continues as before except players no longer draw a card at the end of their turn. Once a player has played all the cards in his/her hand he/she now plays any of his/her face up cards. The card played must still be equal to or higher than the card in the Pig Pile. If the player can not play a card he/she must pick up the Pig Pile and one of his/her face up cards. 

When a player does not have any cards in his/her hand and has played all his/her face up cards he/she must play one of the face down cards (a Slop card). This is a blind draw. If the card is not equal to or higher than the top card in the Pig Pile he/she must pick up all the cards in the Pig Pile and play goes to the next player.

Special Cards and Plays ~ Hog Tied (#4) the next player loses a turn (if two are played then the next two players lose a turn). Ewe-Turn (#11) the direction of play is reversed. Hog Wash (#8) the Pig Pile is washed away (this also happens if 3 or more of the same card or Hog Wild cards are played in a row). With Hog Tied and Ewe-Turn the players turn ends. With a Hog Wash the players turn continues.

How do I Win?

The first person to get rid of all his/her cards gets 3 pigs. Play continues and the second person to get rid of his/her cards gets 2 pigs and the round ends. All other players get 1 pig except the person with the most cards, he/she gets none. The deal passes to the left and a new round is started. The game ends after 5 rounds or when all the pigs have been released from the pen. The player with the most pigs wins.

Are there Alternate ways to play?

Yes, there are quick start directions and directions for an easier version.

Other important information.

*The game is for  3-6 players ages 7 and up.
*Pig Pile retails for $15.95
*Some other games from R&R Games include Pressure Point, Take Your Best Shot, Pants on Fire, Ticked Off, Smarty Party!, disorder, Thingamajig, Flea Circus and much, much more! 

My thoughts:

*Once we got the hang of the game it was fun.
*The alternate version is easier to play and produces a faster game. 
*The game is geared for 7 and up but my 5 year old enjoyed playing as part of a "team". In fact, she is getting the hang of it and will probably be playing on her own soon. 
*The game is more fun the more people are playing. One night my sister came to visit and we were able to have 4 people play. You can play with 2 people but it is definitely not as exciting! 
*This game would be a great way to reinforce greater than, less than and equal to since you can only place a number that is equal to or greater than the top number on the Pig Pile.
*My kids were disappointed that the pigs are not used more. 
*I was disappointed with the difficulty of the directions. I would like directions that my 11 year-old could read and understand.

To learn more about games from R&R Games you can go to their website or call 1.888.8-RIDDLE.

Discount Code ~ CREW20

R&R Games was generous to offer a discount code! The code is for 20% of any purchase from their website and is good until the end of 2011.

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{Disclaimer: I received Pig Pile for free to review. I received no other compensation. 
All opinions are my own.}
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