Saturday, February 19, 2011

Week in Review ~ Week 23

~Family Accomplishments~

~Continued unit on Love
~Continued reviewing Articles of Faith 1-5
~Continued memorizing "The Living Christ" (First 4 sentences complete)
~Continued using Time4Learning (I am doing a review for this product in exchange for 1 month free).
~Mama continued using Rosetta Stone Latin and Completed Unit 1 Lesson 3
~Completed our 107th day

~Unicorn's Accomplishments~

~Finished Discover the Scriptures lesson on John Taylor
~Started Discover the Scriptures lesson on Wilford Woodruff
~Finished reading the February Friend
~Completed Unit 1 Lesson 3 in Rosetta Stone Latin (94% overall)
~Completed lesson 33 in TTL4 (23 WPM and 91% Accuracy)
~Completed a mini-unit for American Heart Month
~Completed a lesson on Ferris Wheel Day (Feb. 14)
~Completed a lesson for Valentine's Day (Feb. 14)
~Learned about authors born in Feb. (Judith Viorst, Fred Gipson, Charles Dickens, Norman Bridwell, Wilhelm Grimm, Henry W. Longfellow)
~Learned about some famous people born in Feb. (George Herman Ruth, Jr., Nicolas Copernicus, William Fredrick Cody, Michael Jeffrey Jordan)
~Completed Reading The Witch of Blackbird Pond
~Continued Reading Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo
~Continued Time4Learning for Math, Language Arts, History and Science
~Math: Standard, Expanded and Word Form to the Hundred Thousands Place
~Language Arts: Summarizing
~Social Studies: Phoenicians
~Science: Scientific Investigation - Control Groups and Atoms
~Spent a LOT of time coloring!
~Made Cookies

~Ladybug's Accomplishments~

~Continued Time4Learning Kindergarten for Math, Language Arts
~Completed Time4Learning Science 1st grade
~Math: Counting, Shapes and Perspective
~Language Arts: Letters "M" and "S"
~Science: Jane Goodall, Water Cycle and Earth's Crust, then she started 2nd grade science with the Life Cycle
~Continued a Unit on Nursery Rhymes from Mother Goose Time
~Completed "Old King Cole" and "Pat-a-Cake" activities
~Played board games and put puzzles together
~Made Cookies

~Monkey's Accomplishments~

~Continued Time4Learning Preschool Level 1
~Completed Unit: Alphabet
~Worked on Matching (using a board game)
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