Saturday, April 10, 2010

Our First Week

So far so good!  Our First Week was a success! The kids learned a lot, they were able to play together more and they helped mom clean the house and do chores! It was also nice to have 2 meals together everyday! Prior to homeschooling we were getting 1 meal a day only 1-3 days a week because Daddy works nights and Unicorn was in school all day.

Monday we went to grandma's house. Some cousins were in town and they had recently been in a play. We were able to watch the video of them performing in "The Wizard of Oz". They did a great job and it was fun to watch the play because we knew some of the actors. After lunch we went home to do Math and Reading.

Tuesday and Thursday we rode bikes and went to the park for P.E.

Thursday and Friday we painted Nature Scenes for Art. Thursday was "National Bird Day" and we had found a bird's nest in our yard earlier in the week so we painted pictures of the nest. Friday they could paint whatever they wanted. I found a website, Artsonia, that publishes children's artwork online for free. This site makes it easy to share artwork with family and friends. If you want to check out more of their artwork just click here and in the search box enter the screen name for the child's artwork you wish to see.

April is National Poetry month so we are focusing on Poetry in writing. Unicorn wrote 12 poems already this week using an online site that helps generate poems. After she created the poem we copied and pasted it into a word document that we will print out and she will illustrate the poems and we will bind it into a book for her.

We also wrote letters to our penpals this week!

What we are learning:

As a family we Read Aloud each morning. I have decided that because of the huge range in interests and reading levels of the children to read "The Magic Tree House" series. This week we read the first book: "Dinosaurs Before Dusk". It was a hit! The kids don't even realize that I am "testing" their comprehension and teaching them about predicting and summarizing!

Unicorn: Math - Money; Reading "The Series of Unfortunate Events - The Grim Grotto" (book 11), nouns and poetry; Science - Nature; Social Studies - Current Events.

Ladybug: The number 1, the letter A (and it's sounds), following directions and reviewing colors and shapes

Monkey: ABC's, Counting 1-10, colors, Nursery Rhymes

Here are some pictures from our first week:

Ladybug's 1st time on a bike!

Work by Ladybug!

Unicorn and Ladybug playing.

Monkey and Unicorn on the slide.

The nest found in our backyard.

Unicorn painting the bird's nest.

Ladybug working hard.

Monkey's 1st time painting!

Bird's Nest by Unicorn

Bird's Nest by Ladybug

Bird's Nest by Monkey

Hearts in a Maze by Unicorn

Mud by Ladybug

Cactus in a Storm by Monkey

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