Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Workbox Wednesday

This week I'm sharing Unicorn's 6th Grade Workboxes:
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1. Religion: The October Friend, 9th Article of Faith
2. We Choose Virtues: Attentive (Reivew & Giveaway coming tomorrow!)
3. History: Lesson 27 of The Mystery of History: Gideon
4. Math: Life of Fred: Butterflies Chapter 15
5. Literature: Intro. to Lit. writing the summary for her Approach Paper
6. Latin: Lesson 8C of Visual Latin (use code OCT$10 for $10 off purchase ends Oct. 21)
7. Science: Handsome Horses from Amanda Bennett's Download 'N Go series
8. Chores and Cleaning her Room!!!!!
9. Bonus: If she is Attentive today I am going to let her make a scrapbook page for History using MyMemories Software! She has been begging me for days to teach her how to use the program. Click here for more information on the software and to enter to win it!

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