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Do your children love Fire Trucks? Are you doing a unit on Fire Safety? Even if you answered "No" to these questions you may want to stick around for this review as Marshall Publishing has TONS of other products that your children will LOVE!

I was given the opportunity to review the Lots & Lots of Fire Safety Songs DVD and Fire Truck Book Combo regular price $49.90 (sale at time of writing $29.95 with the coupon code at the bottom of this post $19.95 plus S&H)! I will start with the DVD.

About the Lots & Lots of Fire Songs and Safety Tips DVD:
~Approximately 30 minutes
~Age: Any (Very Family Friendly)!
~Cost if purchased separately $24.95 (at the time of this writing sale priced at $19.95)
~2 sections (a 12 minutes of fire safety information and then some fun songs and other short videos segments)
~Play All or choose individual segments from the menu
~Segments include:
     *Lots and Lots of Fire Trucks
     *Call 911
     *Fireman Jim's Safety Tips
     *Stop, Drop and Roll
     *Your Home Safety Plan
     *It's an Emergency
     *Heroes Brave and Tall
     *Great Big Fire Trucks
     *Fire Trucks in Action

About the Lots & Lots of Fire Trucks and Firefighters Book:
~124 Pages
~Age: Any (Very Family Friendly)
~Cost if purchased separately $24.95 (at the time of this writing sale priced at $14.95)
~Lots of Full color photographs
~Chapters Include:
*Meet Firefighter Joe
*Firefighter's Tools & Equipment
*Rescue Vehicles
*Fire Fighting Facts
*Fire Science Basics
*Fire Prevention Week
*Fire Prevention & Safety Tips
*What is a Firefighter?
*Firefighters in Action
*Words of the Firefighter
*Old Time Firefighter's Alphabet
*Classic Fire House Traditions
*History of Fire Trucks & Fire Fighting
*Antique Fire Trucks
*Greatest Fires in History
*Firefighting Timeline
*Fire House Museums
*Cool Fire Related Websites
*Lots and Lots of Fire Trucks Sing-a-Long Song Lyrics

Other Products:
~Various Educational and Entertaining Books, Audio CD's and DVD's
~American Railroads
~History of the Mississippi River
~George Washington Carver (click here for reviews)
~Lewis & Clark
~Lots & Lots of Trains
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Our Thoughts:
~Monkey (age 3.5 years) has watched this DVD too many times to count! He also asks for the book to be read to him. He loves to look at the pictures.
~Ladybug (age 5.5 years) loves the DVD and all the songs! She also enjoys looking through the book.
~Unicorn (age 11.75 years) loves the DVD but really loves all the information and photos in the book.
~Even dad and I enjoyed the DVD. I like that there is a LOT of music to go with all the information. The book is great. Tons of awesome information and even ideas on where to go to get more great information (a homeschoolers dream right?!)! The only thing I was disappointed about was the length of the kids are always so bummed that it is over!

~Call Toll Free 888-300-3455 (9A-7P CST) or
~Libraries or Institutions should email
~Get the Lots & Lots of Fire Safety Songs DVD and Fire Truck Book Combo for $19.95 (plus S&H) with coupon code TOSF1

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Fire Truck Book Combo and the George Washington Carver DVD.

{Disclaimer: I received this product from Marshall Publishing in exchange for my honest opinions. No other compensation was received.}

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