Friday, August 20, 2010

Week in Review ~ Week 3

Unicorn has been learning about the Restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for Religion.

In Math she has been reviewing Telling Time (a concept she has always struggled with)! She is still struggling but she is getting better.

History is all about explorers and exploring the New World. Ponce de Leon, Pizzaro, Coronado and the colonization of New Spain (Mexico and Central America).

Friction was the topic for Science.

For English she finished Dear America: Journey to the New World and started The Sign of the Beaver. She is also learning about persuasive paragraphs so for Writing she wrote a paragraph about how she knows Santa Claus is real (I love that she is 10 and still believes in Santa Claus)!

She continues to progress through the Typing class (she is about half-way through already).

Three more lessons and she will finish the first unit of Rosetta-Stone Latin!

She has also been working on her journal and her blog and doing art projects with Ladybug and Monkey.

She has been working so hard and being extra helpful at home that I am rewarding her by having a makeover done on her blog! Check back next week to see the results!

Ladybug and Monkey have just been doing projects...they will start preschool on Tuesday. I teach preschool in my home and there will be 3 little preschoolers joining them this year!

As a reward for all our hard work we went to the park this morning!

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