Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Students...

Not Back to School Blog Hop

It is Student Photo Week on the Not Back-to-School Blog Hop!

I have 3 students. First up is my first-born, first preemie and miracle child (it is a miracle she and I both survived her birth) but that is a story for another time. Unicorn is 10 years old and in the "5th" grade. She is an excellent reader and loves to ask questions. Unicorn has had many challenges in her life and has had some delays in her learning. She is very intelligent. She reads at a 7th-8th grade level but struggles in Math. Here are a  couple pictures of her:

Unicorn and her catepillar

Math time

Cooking for the Family

Next up is Ladybug. She is 4 years old and my only full-term child! She is VERY smart and funny! She is in her second year of preschool and amazes me daily with how much she knows. She will probably move on to kindergarten work shortly after Christmas! She is a very verbal child. When she started talking it was in full sentences! Her favorite part of school is when we make projects. Here are a few pictures of her:

Ladybug making faces for the camera

Posing for the camera

Practicing her counting

Last, but not least, is my other preemie! Monkey is 2 years old and is one of the calmest boys I know. His tantrums are pathetic compared to the ones his sisters throw and he is very easily redirected. Monkey is starting his first year of preschool this year and is loving it! He is learning to sign and he loves to do projects with his sisters!

Monkey making faces for the camera


Resting at the Casa Grande Ruins

Well, that is my crew! Now, hop on over to the Not Back-to-School Blog Hop to meet other students!
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  1. What precious gifts from God! Thank you for introducing them to us. May you have a wonderful school year!

  2. Sooo cute!
    We're following you from Heart of the Matter!

  3. Stopping by from the blog hop. I was a teacher too until I left to stay home full time with my daughter 10 years ago. We enrolled both our girls in public school and withdrew my youngest in January. We had such a great experience this spring, my oldest daughter decided to come home and give it a try! Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

  4. What a cute family! Enjoyed your photos!

  5. What sweeties! It is so neat to meet these little students!

  6. sweet family!!!

    Love homeschooling so we can pace our kids at their levels;) I have a preschooler, too that "might" start K work after Christmas... but I'll probably still call it pre-K since her brother is doing K this year!

  7. What precious little ones! I too, am here from the hop!
    I have a 10 year old daughter also. I hope you have a wonderful 2010-2011 year!
    Nice to "meet" you!
    Homeschooling Rocks!

  8. Thank you all for the sweet comments! Much appreciated!

  9. Awww... such cutie-pies you have! :)

  10. Your children are absolutely beautiful! And, they are each close in age to my 3 oldest!! Sometimes wouldn't it be so much fun to round up all of us "blog buddies" and meet/co-op together?! I can daydream, right:-)?!

  11. Susana, it would be fun for us all to get together...who knows...maybe someday... :)

  12. Such a cute blog! I found you at the 'not' back to school blog hop. You're right - home schooling IS an adventure! Bless you~

  13. What sweeties! It is so neat to meet these little students!

  14. Susana, it would be fun for us all to get together...who knows...maybe someday... :)


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