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Residency Visa {A How-to} Al Ain

On May 1st we started the process to get our residency visas. Hubby already has his and now he gets to sponsor our family. There is a lot to this process (including things that have to happen before you can even start). **Note: This information below was correct at the time of posting...things change daily here so be ready if something doesn't go exactly as I have it here.

BEFORE you can start the Visa process you must:

1) Have the passport/resident visa for the employee.
2) Have housing.
3) Have your marriage certificate, birth certificates (for children only), and parent letter (if you have any children from a previous marriage) translated AND attested (I have an AWESOME person to help you with this if you need it...just leave me a comment).
4) Copies of everything! You need a COPY of EACH of the following for EACH person you are sponsoring:
a) employee's passport and visa
b) passport page for person being sponsored
c) salary certificate (print from ERP)
d) first page of housing contract
e) translated/attested marriage certificate for spouse OR birth certificate for child (be sure to copy the first page and the back of the last page -the one with all the stamps)
~~~if you (or your spouse) have a child from a previous marriage 
you will also need a copy of the translated/attested parent letter~~~

AFTER you have those 4 items taken care of you can proceed with the Visa process:

Step 1) Pink Visa Paper
  • Take ALL the above documents (originals and copies), passports, a passport photo (for each person) and 170ADE (for each person - ask for a receipt ADEC will reimburse you) to the Department of Residency and Foreign Affairs building (in Al Ain across from Al Jimi mall). **Only the sponsor needs to do this step.
  • Go through the gates and to your left is a typing and copy office. Go there and get a number from the machine. When your number is called go to the window and tell them you want to sponsor your family. They will ask for your salary certificate and passport. Because all employees with my husbands company have their visas processed in Abu Dhabi you will also need to tell them that you live in Al Ain and show them your housing contract (otherwise they will tell you that you need to go to Abu Dhabi to do this process)! They will look at all your originals and take your copies and process your paperwork. They will also collect the 170AED for each person. If you don't have the right copies (or enough copies) they do have a copy machine there and they will happily charge you for the copies. Once they have compiled all the paperwork they will send you to window 17 and charge you (a couple Durhams) for the final paper (not exactly sure what this one was but only cost us 2ADE).   
  • Next, they will send you into the main building. Go to customer service. They will check your paperwork and give you a number. 
  • Wait in the Visa Section and wait. At the window they will process and collect your paperwork. They will give you a single paper when you are finished and tell you when to come pick up your PINK visa papers. **After you pick up your PINK visa papers you will have 60 days to get to the next step (I don't recommend waiting that long)!   
  • IF you are sponsoring a STEP-CHILD you will need 5000ADE (refundable when you leave the country to return home for good) in order to pick up the PINK visa (I'm not exactly sure why).

Step 2) Border Run! Yep...time for another border run (85ADE per person). The only difference with this border run is that you will have them stamp your PINK Visa AND your passport when you re-enter the UAE. Adults will also have an eye scan.

You now have 10 days to complete the rest of this process!

Step 3) Emirates ID's.
  • To apply for your Emirate ID you will need your passport, Pink Visa paper, translated/attested birth certificates, and 370ADE per person. 
  • If you have children under 15, you will also need a passport photo (white background and girls' hair pulled back). If you need to get photos taken go to Al Ain Mall, 2nd Floor. There is a store called "Grand" right next door to the Samsonite store where they will take photos for 15ADE. 
  • Take your documents (and photos if needed) to the Al Daryas Typing Center (near Al Jimi Mall in the Al Safa building - across from the Department of Residency Affairs building). They will fill out your Emirate ID application. (For children under 15 that is all that is required and they will text you when the ID is ready for pick up). 
  • Adults now go to the Emirate ID building Sun-Thurs 7am-8pm for fingerprinting and a photo.
  • Emirate ID building is just down the road from the ADEC offices. Go in the main door to the Information Desk. They will check your paper and give you a number. Then go down the hall men to the waiting area down stairs and women up the escalator.
  • When your number is called they will take prints of your fingers and palms and then take your photo.
  • You will get a text when your ID is ready for pick-up.

Step 4) Medical Exam for anyone 18 and over.
  • For the Medical Exam you will need a copy of your passport, a copy of your pink visa paper, and 250AED (ask for a receipt as ADEC will reimburse you).
  • Take your documents to SEHA Sun-Thurs 7am-3pm (near the Blood Donation Center down the road a bit from ADEC). Women go upstairs and check-in and get a number. They will direct you through the rest of the process. Men are downstairs (not sure exactly where they go). Do not pay for Fast Track as you will not be reimbursed for it.
  • Once you have your number you will go in the women's area and wait for your number to be called. Then you will give them the copy of your passport and pink visa and the money. They will process your paperwork and take a photo.
  • Then you will go down the hall and meet with an intake physician. I was asked to verify that I was an American and that I was not pregnant (some countries need an immunization and pregnant women can't have the x-ray).
  • Then you are sent down the hall for a blood draw and then on to x-ray.
  • When your Medical Certificate is complete and ready for pick-up they will text you (24-48 hrs).

Step 5) Medical Card (from Employer-if you don't work for ADEC then this part will be different for you)
  • Go to ADEC Customer Service get Insurance Request Form. Verify how many getting insurance, ERP number and what school you teach at.
  • Then go up to 1st Floor Insurance (next to housing) with the Insurance Request Form (1 per family), passport copies for spouse and dependents, copy the medical exam receipt for each person that had a medical exam, copies of pink visa paper, copies of Emirate ID receipts for each person, a passport photo of each person and a copy of the employee's Medical Card.
  • They will process the paperwork and tell you when to return to pick-up the Medical Cards (about 2 days).

Step 6) Back to Department of Residency and Foreign Affairs with the documents listed below and 360ADE (for each person - ask for a receipt as ADEC will reimburse you). Start at the Typing Office (again). **If you are getting a resident visa for a step-child you will only be allowed a 1 year visa and the cost will be 120AED**.  Then go to main building to customer service to get a number for resident visas. While you are waiting they will send you to Em-post (out by the typing center area) to get a sticker that tells them where to deliver the passports once they are finished. Then you go back inside to wait. They will collect all your documents, process them and you are finished. You will get a text when your passports are ready for pick-up (2-3 days).
  • Original Pink Visa
  • Copy of Passport
  • Passport Photo
  • Original Emirate ID receipt
  • Original Medical Certificate (for those 18 and older)
  • Copy of Medical Insurance Card
  • Copy of Sponsor's Passport
  • Copy of Sponsor's Visa
  • Salary Certificate
  • Copy of 1st page of Housing Contract
  • Passport
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