Monday, May 19, 2014

Al Ain Zoo

Zoo's generally aren't my favorite thing to do when it is HOT out but my mom and the kids really wanted to go to the Al Ain Zoo. It is already so HOT here that the Zoo is only open from 4pm - 10pm daily.  Well, we went anyway and we were pleasantly surprised! It was hot, but they have the option to get a tour guide who drives you around the Zoo in a golf cart. You get to see everything, get a bottle of water and a soda (or juice) for everyone in your party, a giraffe feeding, and a discount if you purchase anything. This VIP treatment cost 500ADE for the 6 of us (4 adults and 2 children). We also got front row seating for the bird show.
Monkey, Ladybug, and Unicorn at the Entrance
Our tour guide and golf cart (yes, she gave us permission to take her photo)
Big Horn Sheep
Wild African Dog
Beautiful White Lioness
Gazelle (she loved getting her picture taken)
Hide and Seek with a Wildebeest
 Giraffes Synchronized eating
I love that the little one has his tongue out and the one in front looks like he is liking the spots off the little one!
Monkey "feeding" the hippo trash can!
Hippos (they tried to hid from the camera but I got them)!
The kids got to feed this giraffe
Ladybug about 110cm
Monkey about 100cm
Unicorn about 140cm
Very cute recycling bins!
Mr. Crocodile
She was so excited to be chosen! (I think he had her picked out from the second he saw her)!
Ladybug waiting for the falcon.
Look at that face!
Another animal that enjoyed getting his picture taken. Cute penguin!
My Monkey!
My Ladybug!
My Unicorn!
A Big Tortoise
This camel had an itch...he used the tree branch to scratch!

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