Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Al Ain Oasis

Our last adventure with Grandma was to visit the Al Ain Oasis. This oasis is a palm plantation with almost 3,000 acres. There are over 147,000 date palms with 100 different varieties. There are also some mango and lemon trees as well. They use an irrigation system that is over 3,000 years old. Entry is free and they close at 6pm. I don't know what time they open and I am sure they have limited hours on Fridays as well.

So, we headed into the oasis and had NO idea where we were going. After about 5 minutes the security guard came up to us in his golf cart and offered to show us around a bit (not sure why but I would guess it had something to do with Ladybug and Monkey...they have that affect on people here). He took us to an area where the water was flowing in the channels and even let the little ones walk in it. He also made us take his picture with them! Then he drove us around a bit and told us all about the oasis and the different types of trees that are there. He then drove us back to where he found us and told us how to find our way our of the Oasis "maze"!
The entry to the Oasis
Ladybug, Monkey and the security guard
Ladybug and Monkey in the water irrigation channel
Ladybug and Monkey in the water irrigation channel (it was a little harder to walk back against the current)
All packed into the little golf cart
Another view of us in the golf cart
Some date palms
Dates (the will begin harvesting them in July)
The entrance (I think the poor sign needs an update)!

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