Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Homeschool Programming {Mosaic Review}

Do you have students who are interested in computer programming? 
Are you interested in computer programming?
Are you a blogger who just wants to know enough HTML to code buttons or fix some glitches?
Well, I am reviewing a great computer programming homeschool curriculum that may be just what you want/need: 
When this product first came up for review I was torn. No one in our family is really into computers or computer programming. But, I could see where knowing some HTML might be a good idea as a blogger. Since Unicorn is also a blogger I signed up to review the KidCoder Beginning Web Design course (1st Semester). I have to admit, that I was intimidated at first and even procrastinated installing the program. Let's just say that I could kick myself for that. This program is truly written for kids and teens (and even adults) with no programming background! Unicorn and I have learned so much and enjoyed it too!
In a Nutshell:
~Four 1-year Courses (see graphic above)
~KidCoder for grades 4-8 and TeenCoder for grades 9-12
~Price ranges from $20-$155 depending on course, mode and semester or full-year
~Sample Pages/Demo Videos
~Frequently Asked Questions

Unicorn's Thoughts:
"This is great! Now I can build web sites like my dad!"
My Thoughts:
I love the KidCoder Beginning Web Design! It is easy to follow and starts at the ground and builds up. I have learned a lot about HTML coding and have even been able to fix some problems I was having with my blog. Before this course it would take me hours to figure out the problem, research solutions and then actually attempt to fix the problem. Now, I know exactly what I am looking at and where and how to fix things! It is great and we haven't even finished the first semester yet!

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