Monday, September 16, 2013

Time to Catch Up {Photo Style}

I haven't posted many regular posts for a while. So I have decided to catch you up on what has been going on around here using photos. It has been a CRAZY few months!
Monkey and Ladybug spent their birthday money at IKEA. Monkey bought trains and Ladybug bought art supplies.

Monkey beat MarioKart Wii and played a lot of Wii Fit.

I became a Thrive Independent Consultant.

Flash vacuumed the floor.

Frackle mopped the floor.

Our old washer and dryer died so we had to get new ones.

A HUGE storm came through!

A leak in the wall during the HUGE storm.

The tarped roof because we lost more than 70% of our shingles during the HUGE storm.

Another leak during the HUGE storm.

A huge moth that Ladybug found.

Monkey loves to learn!

Taking care of Frackle.

Hanging out with Flash.

Monkey finally overcame his fear of floating on his back.

Monkey loves Happy Handwriting.

Watching them load shingles onto our roof.

Working on the roof.

Swimming with Frackle.

Swimming with Flash.

I became a Norwex Independent Consultant.

Ladybug finally got her swimming party.

Monkey loves Math.

Monkey starts Kindergarten

Ladybug starts 2nd grade

Unicorn starts 9th grade

Ladybug learning cursive.

Monkey working on Calendar Math.

Unicorn working on Oceanography.

Unicorn gets glasses.

Ladybug's creative sentence.

Monkey learning even and odd.

Cleaning/organizing/unpacking (after 17 months in the house) the school room area.

View from My Desk.

Another view from My Desk.

Another view from My Desk (this area will be Unicorn's new room).

The little kid's learning area.

Unicorn at work.

A ninja with a samurai sword.

Another ninja with a samurai sword.

Unicorn's new English excited for this one!

Termites! (not cool)!

Sink or Float Lab.

Ladybug's paper cup pyramid! It was almost as tall as her!

Unicorn's new room! Just needs walls!
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