Thursday, August 29, 2013

Woolzies Dryer Balls {Review}

For the past month (or so) I have been trying out Woolzies Dryer Balls
These handmade, 100% pure New Zealand wool dryer balls are great! We have sensitive skin in this family and dryer sheets and fabric softeners make us itch so we had been dealing with static and wrinkles and not so soft fabrics. With the Woolzies Dryer Balls we have soft fabric, less wrinkles, and no static (even in very dry Arizona)! Woolzies claims that they help dry clothes faster thereby saving you money on electricity. I really have no idea if this is true as we had to purchase a new washer and dryer set at about the same time we got the Woolzies but I think they are worth it even if they don't dry your clothes any faster. Woolzies are easy to use...just put your clothes in the dryer and toss in the dryer balls! If you want, once your clothes are dry, you can take out a dryer ball or two and put a drop or two of essential oil on the balls and run the dryer for about 10 more minutes for a lovely scent of your choice!

In a Nutshell:
~Softens Naturally
~May reduce drying time by 25%
~Reduces Static
~Helps eliminate wrinkles
~Chemical Free
~Safe for people with wool sensitivities
~Handmade from fine New Zealand Wool
~$34.95 with FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the US (yes, even Alaska and Hawaii)
~Ship anywhere else for $6.95
~Box includes 6 XL Dryer Balls
~Guaranteed to last 1000 loads (that makes them just 4 cents a load)

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