Saturday, June 1, 2013

Life Happens!

The past few months have been absolutely CRAZY around here! We have had birthdays, ER visit for the boy, new puppies, sick puppies, surgery for mom, Scout camp for dad, a pageant for the girls and more.

April 6 ~ Monkey passed out and ended up in the ER and a follow-up with a cardiologist (his heart is fine and we don't really know why he passed out)

April 12 ~ Monkey and Ladybug went camping with Daddy

April 14 ~ We adopted two puppies! They are Chihuahua/Carin terrier mix born March 9. Flash is brown and Frackle is black.

April 23 ~ Flash got Parvo (read the whole scary story HERE) and Daddy had a job interview and got offered the job on the spot.

April 26 ~ Flash got much better!

April 27 ~ Unicorn and Ladybug attended a sewing class at Jo-Ann's

April 28 ~ Monkey turned 5!

May 1 ~ I had surgery (nothing bad I promise)!

May 11 ~ Ladybug turned 7! Ladybug and Unicorn participated in our city's pageant.

May 25 ~ Grandparents came to visit.
May 27 ~ Daddy left for Scout Camp for a week! The kids and I went to the first Summer Movie at our local theater. Unicorn and Ladybug got their ears pierced (not a single tear between them)!

 May 31 ~ Planning and packing for our upcoming camping trip/family reunion and Monkey and Ladybug ended up with a 24 bug (NOT FUN)!!

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