Thursday, April 25, 2013

Spanish for You! ~ A Mosaic Review

Today I am reviewing a neat Spanish curriculum, Spanish for You!, for grades 3-8!
I will admit that while we live in Arizona and are exposed to Spanish on a daily basis, we are learning Latin as a family. However, I have to say that I LOVE the way this program is set up and that is it for grades 3-8!

In a Nutshell
~Grades 3-8 (although with some minor modifications my 1st grader was able to participate)
~$64.95 per theme for grades 3-8 ($39.95 per theme for one level - 3/4 or 5/6 or 7/8)
~2 Themes currently available:
      Fiestas (Celebrations) and Estaciones (Seasons) with Viajes (Travel) coming June 2013
~Flexible (you can easily slow down or speed up the pace)
~Easy: just open, print and teach
~Full Year (24-30 weeks) curriculum that you can use for multiple children
~Comprehensive (vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, verb conjugation and more)
~Includes audio files of a Native speaker  and a non-Native speaker (download)
~Includes self-checking worksheets (download)
~Includes lesson guides (download)
~Includes a soft-cover Spanish for You! book
~Includes audio of the entire book (download)
~Includes free pictures to use to make flashcards or use with other activities (PDF download)
~Excellent customer service!
~Website Contact Form
Our Thoughts
We reviewed the Fiestas (Celebrations) Theme and really enjoyed it. I used it with Unicorn (7th grade) and Ladybug (1st grade) and they both liked it as well. The only modification I made for Ladybug is that I helped her with the worksheets. The girls enjoyed listening to the audio files and didn't even mind the worksheets. I really enjoyed how EASY it was to use Spanish for You!, especially for someone like me who doesn't speak Spanish. The only problem I had with the program was that it was difficult to find the correct audio files and worksheets, HOWEVER, Debbie is AWESOME and she has organized the files by week so they are easier to find! Now I just need a program like this for Latin! ;)

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