Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Saving Memories Forever ~ A Mosaic Review

Today I am reviewing a neat little app called Saving Memories Forever!
This little phone App, when combined with their website, allows you to record, save and share voice recordings of your loved ones! Have you ever wished you could digitally record the stories that your grandparents told you of their childhood so you can share it with your children even after your grandparents are gone? I know I have. I remember my grandparents telling me stories of living on the farm when they were little. My dad also tells some pretty amazing stories about the antics he and his siblings performed when they were younger. With this app I am able to record my relatives (or my) stories and have them digitally saved for my children and grandchildren. I can even add photographs to supplement the stories (premium version).

In a Nutshell
~Free and Premium ($3.99/mo or $40/yr) versions available (click HERE for a comparison chart)
~Many Question Prompts to choose from
~App available for iPhone and Android
~App and Website are used together (although the website does explain how to upload MP3 recordings)
~Use Skype to record stories of relatives that you don't see often
~How-to guide and questions available for download (click HERE)
~Fairly easy to use (I did have to read the how-to guide to figure something out but it was really me over-thinking the app because the answer was very simple)
~Website Contact Form

Overview of How it Works
1. Go to the Website and Sign Up (there is a tab in the upper right corner of the site)
2. Get the App (you can also register from the App)
3. Add a Storyteller
4. Select your Storyteller
5. Choose a Category
 6. Choose a Question
 7. Record the Story (5-10 minutes tops)
 8. Playback, Re-record, or Upload your story
 9. Share with Facebook or Go back to the main screen
 10. Go to the Website to Listen
11. Click on "Manager" then the Storytellers name to upload photos or to share the recording!

My Thoughts
I really like this app! I love that I can record my family members memories in their own voices. I can also add a family member that has passed away and have other family members record memories of that person. I will be using this app at our family reunions this summer. Since you can also use Skype to record family members that are not local I think I will learn how to use Skype and take advantage of that feature as well! While the monthly fee is affordable I would LOVE to see an option to purchase a "lifetime" subscription. I did have a few technical glitches (like I am having trouble uploading my storyteller photo on the website) but nothing that interferes with the functionality of the recordings themselves. Overall this is a great app and we will continue to use it!

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