Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Gratitude Challenge ~ Day 20

Answered Prayers
 Ever since I started homeschooling almost 3 years ago I have been searching for a curriculum that is all laid out for me, can be used for ALL my children at the same time, includes history (the history in chronological order and starts with creation), geography, science, literature, art, music and, most importantly, incorporates the Gospel of Jesus Christ (LDS Doctrine) in to each lesson! I was beginning to think that what I desired didn't exist, and it didn't, at least, until this year that is! Yesterday, I got an email from an LDS news organization and there was an article about Latter-day Learning and their Family School curriculum! I spent hours on the site yesterday learning about their curriculum, downloading the scope and sequence and sample lesson plans, and reading their mission statements, FAQ's, blog and exploring their networking forum! I am so excited to finally find what I have been searching for. Now, I need to save up some money so we can purchase it! :)

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In a Nutshell
Complete Year Pre-Printed Version: $390
Complete Year Download Version: $285
Includes: History, Geography, Science, Literature, Art and Music 
Not Included: Math, Phonics/Reading and Spelling
Christmas Coupon Code: GIFT2012 $40 off good through 12/31/12
If you join their network please mention that I sent you. Thanks!
{Disclaimer: This is not a review. I do not own this product (yet) and I have not received anything from the company. I am just sharing this information because I am grateful that I have finally found what I am looking for!}

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