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TOS Review ~ Z-Guide to the Movies (ZeeZok Publishing)

I love history! I love movies! I love movies that portray different times in history! I love it even more when someone takes the time to create ways to learn from said movies! I don't have that kind of time in my life (do you?)! Well, guess what?!?!? The people at Zeezok Publishing have done just that! They have these cool movie guides called Z-Guide to the movies!
Unicorn and I were given the opportunity to review the Z-Guide to Kit Kittredge: An American Girl.
The Z-Guide is a downloadable "packet" that you print and complete (CD's are also available). Included is a Topic Overview (the topic for Kit Kittredge is the Depression), Movie Synopsis and various activities to complete during and after the movie.

Activities for Kit Kittredge
~Movie Review Questions
~Research the Great Depression (open ended questions about the time period to be researched using the Internet or books)
~I Need a Sign...(interpreting hobo signs)
~Vocabulary Can Be Depressing
~Something New, Fresh and Real (writing a newspaper article like Kit did)
~Fashion Runway: Great Depression-Style (learning about depression era fashion)
~Who Am I? (identifying the characters from the movie)
~Literary Devices: Ironic Foreshadowing or Foreshadowing Irony
~Worldview: Pride and Prejudice in the 1930's
~The Filmmaker's Art and Dramatic License

Other Important Information
~Download (PDF) or CD format
~$12.99 (single-license) or $49.99 (co-op or classroom license)
~Elementary/Middle School Level (other Z-Guides available for High School)
~Movie NOT included in price (available to purchase on website, borrow from Library, rent from Netflix, etc.)

~Print and Go (little to no teacher prep)
~Easy to use
~Fun Activities
~Reusable (with-in your own family)
~Answer Key included
~Unicorn enjoyed it
~Many other Z-Guides and products (e-books, audio books, etc.)

~Price (I have trouble paying more than $10 for a downloadable product....but that is just me)
~One thing that I didn't like was that with a couple of the activities the questions carried over onto a second page and only used a couple lines and since it is a PDF I couldn't edit it. I feel like it was a waste of paper.

Final Thoughts
Kit Kittredge is a really cute movie to show what life was like during the depression. The Z-Guide is a great resource to help focus student's attention on the depression and understand what life was like during that time in our history. I will definitely be getting more Z-Guides!

{Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and no other compensation was received.}

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  1. First I've heard of Z-Guides! Thanks for the review and for linking it up to NOBH!


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