Sunday, March 20, 2011

Week in Review ~ Week 27

~Family Accomplishments~

~Continued unit on Unity
~Continued reviewing Articles of Faith 1-5
~Continued memorizing "The Living Christ" (First 10 sentences complete)
~Continued using Time4Learning (See my REVIEW here).
~Mama continued using Rosetta Stone Latin and Completed Unit 1!
~Spent a LOT of time rearranging things in the house and working on Unicorn's new bed...sorry no pictures this week!
~Completed our 125th day

~Unicorn's Accomplishments~

~Completed Discover the Scriptures lesson on Heber J. Grant
~Completed 5 mini-lessons in Rosetta Stone Latin (94% overall)
~Completed a lesson on Daylight Savings Time
~Completed a lesson on Butterflies
~Completed a lesson on Eli Whitney and the Cotton Gin
~Completed a lesson for Sid Fleischman
~Completed a lesson for St. Patrick's Day
~Continued Reading Caddie Woodlawn
~Started Reading Leven Thumps and the Whispered Secret
~Continued Time4Learning for Math, Language Arts (27 lessons - 89% ave. and 4 quizzes - 88% ave.
~Math: Multiples, Arrays, 2-digit Multiplication, Division
~Language Arts: Author's Purpose, Inferring, Compare/Contrast

~Ladybug's Accomplishments~

~Continued Time4Learning Kindergarten for Math, Language Arts (13 lessons - 98% ave. and 1 quiz - 100%)
~Math: coin identification, simple measurements, estimating measurements, reading a ruler
~Language Arts: Read another decodable book (all by herself), isolated more phonemes, learned high frequency words (look, for, am)
~Continued Unit on "Birds and Nests" from Mother Goose Time

~Monkey's Accomplishments~

~Continued to have an attitude but watched Leap Frog movies and Thomas the Train in addition to Dora!
~Counted to 14 all by himself
~Started to point to letters and identify their names and sounds
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  5. See the power of positive thoughts within you.

  6. Hello I came across your blog while browsing.
    i am a home school mom to my 12 year old son.
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