Monday, May 31, 2010

Year-Round Educating...

While we will continue with Math, Religion, Reading and Preschool (and writing our Penpals) throughout the summer, I will be posting less frequently until August. We are getting ready to move (again) and I have started a new part-time job at the community college, so our "schedule" (term used loosely) will be a little crazy until the end of July!

Unicorn is progressing through, Math Mammoth and has been reading books like crazy. She is almost finished with the "Series of Unfortunate Events" by Lemony Snicket, she only has one book left. She has also read "Ella Enchanted" and is starting "Hatchet" today for the "Beach Bag Book Club" that starts on Thursday. Tomorrow we will sign up for the library summer reading club. Also, tomorrow begins the summer movies at Harkins Theatres, the first show is "Charlotte's Web"! For Religion during the summer I am going to have her read "Book of Mormon Stories" and do the "Book of Mormon Workbook" from Discover the Scriptures. While the stories and the workbook are below her grade level in reading it will be a good introduction to studying the scriptures daily.

Ladybug is having a blast with the Mother Goose Time preschool curriculum. I have been supplementing it with extra letter and number pages to give her more practice with writing. 

Check out some pictures of what they have been doing!

Ladybug's Piggy Bank

Practicing "F" and "6"

Fun with Colors

Wow...can you believe she just turned 4!!

Ladybug's Pizza

Unicorn wanted to make Pizza too, so she found some scraps and made a Pizza!

Beary Scary Ladybug!

Our Bean Project!

Another way to Grow Beans!

Another angle on the planted Beans!
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