Saturday, May 1, 2010

Back on Schedule :)

Well, we are moved in (mostly) and were able to have a "typical" week of home educating.

Unicorn finished her unit on money and read the Constitution.  She continued to study nouns and illustrated one of her poems during art. She also used the "Scrabble" letters to spell her spelling words this week. Unicorn word of the week was bloviate!

3 of Unicorn's spelling words (she has 10 per week)

Ladybug continued to learn the numbers 1 and 2 and the letters A and C and their sounds (she's been sick all week so we have just been reviewing).

As a family we went to the park and pool for PE and read the third book in the Magic Tree House Series, "Mummies in the Morning" (we read the second one while we were moving). At the park we found rocks and painted them for art. The pool was very cold but the kids were insistent that we go!

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