Monday, February 9, 2015

A Photo Update from Aug. to Dec. 2014

Things were a bit slow from August to December and then things got super busy with traveling and then I was very tired trying to recover from jet-lag. We've been home (in the UAE) for about a month now and I think I have finally recovered from some pretty serious jet-lag. It is time to get caught up on this blog and on my scrap-booking. This post is a compilation of photos from August until just before we leave for our December travels. They are mostly of Ladybug and Monkey as Unicorn has gotten a bit camera shy lately.
In August Ladybug started learning to play the guitar. She is quite a natural.
September 10 Monkey lost his 2nd tooth!
Ladybug was so excited for our trip she made a paper chain...90 links!
Also in September we had to renew our passports in Dubai.
Since we were in Dubai we headed to the Dubai Mall and had my birthday dinner at Texas Roadhouse.
The kids love this fountain at the Dubai Mall.
In October we watched the General Conference for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Ladybug doing an art project with her General Conference crown and bunny ears she made for her Halloween costume.
"Fishing" at our Branch Halloween Party.
Ladybug got her face painted at the Halloween Party.
In November Ladybug and Monkey participated in our Branch Primary Program.
Ladybug made a paper Nativity.
Close-up of Ladybug's Nativity Scene
Thanksgiving Dinner! Yummy! We were able to find all our favorites.
Cute photo of Ladybug and Monkey at church. They look so little on this couch!
Our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

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