Monday, March 3, 2014

Abayas, Skype, Birthday, Border Run, and Camels

We have been in the UAE for 30 days now (and yes, we are still in a hotel)!

On Thursday, Feb. 20, we had our first guests! A family in our branch came by to visit and brought us homemade chocolate chip cookies! YUM!

Friday, Feb. 21, we went to church (still getting used to this whole church on Friday thing) and had a wonderful potluck meal with our branch afterwards!
Church at the Villa
Saturday, Feb. 22, we went shopping to find supplies that Unicorn needs for Youth Conference. She will be going on a Trek in the desert and needed a sleeping bag, mat, backpack, flashlight and 2 abayas (traditional dress for the women in the Middle East). We found everything she needed except the 2 abayas. Unicorn was also able to Skype with her father and her (half) brother back in the States.

Sunday, Feb. 23, we FaceTimed with my sister and her hubby and their puppies. We are especially grateful for technology here as it is nice to be able to talk with family in real time! A friend came and took Unicorn and me to a store that has abayas and we were able to find 2 that fit her (the only 2 in her size actually). She also took us to the supermarket so we could get some dinner and snacks. Then Unicorn went to Seminary.

Monday, Feb. 24, was the second day of ice skating for the kids. They are really loving this activity and are doing very well. I love that they all have their lesson on the same day at the same time!

Tuesday, Feb. 25, Unicorn had Mutual (youth group) and they went to the Rugby Club and played Frisbee Golf.

Wednesday, Feb. 26, we FaceTimed with my mom and step-dad and my mom's mom!

Thursday, Feb. 27, hubby went to Abu Dhabi to pick up his Emirate's ID card. This is big because now we can work on getting ID's for the kids and me and we can buy a car (after he get paid)!

Friday, Feb. 28, Unicorn's birthday! Can't believe she is 14 already! We also Skyped with my dad, step-mom, Gram (dad's mom), and Aunt & Uncle (dad's sister). Then it was time for Stake Conference. Hubby and the girls went and I stayed back with Monkey as he was showing signs of a cold.
Happy 14th Birthday Unicorn!
Saturday, Mar. 1, Unicorn and I went and got mani/pedi's for her birthday. Then we all went to Bawadi Mall and had Unicorn's birthday lunch at TGI Friday's, did some shopping, then had Cold Stone ice cream for dessert.
Unicorn getting pampered
Me getting pampered
Unicorn's pedicure
Unicorn's manicure
My cuties
Being silly
The birthday girl!
Singing to Unicorn for her birthday!
Cold Stone ice cream!
Sunday, Mar. 2, we got up early and did a border run. A border run is where you leave the UAE and come back under another temporary tourist visa. We should only have to do this once as hubby already has is resident visa. We will submit the necessary documents to get resident visa's for the kids and me as soon as Unicorn gets back from Youth Conference this coming weekend. On the way back from Oman we saw a pick-up truck with at least 5 camels in it! It was also Seminary night for Unicorn.
How many camels can you fit in a pick-up truck?
Monday, Mar. 3, today we were able to watch the Gilbert Temple Cultural Celebration. This was neat as it is the area we just moved from. It also made us a bit homesick. Then it was time for ice skating lessons. I really can't believe how well they are doing. The girls are skating forwards, backwards, and in circles. Monkey is getting pretty good at walking on his skates. He is still quite nervous about it though. Today was Ladybug's first day at Activity Days. This is when the girls at church ages 8-11 get together and learn and have fun together. She had a great time, especially since she isn't technically old enough to go. She was invited to join them as she will be 8 in May and there are only 3 other girls in their little group. Other good news today, hubby got paid, got his bank card and got his medical card! Next up, housing and resident visa's for the kids and me!
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