Sunday, February 9, 2014

Going with the Flow...Abu Dhabi Style

The teachers were told on Wednesday (Feb. 5) to be ready to move to Al Ain by 9am on Thursday. Well, 9am came and went (and so did my children's patience). We hung out at the hotel all day and tried not to go crazy. While we waited we went down to the "beach" behind the hotel and the kids played in the sand for a bit.
Friday (Feb. 7), we decided to take a risk and we headed out to church. We had a nice time with the Abu Dhabi 2nd Ward of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons). When we got back to the hotel the papers were posted and we learned that we were going to be moving to Al Ain on Saturday at noon. So, we changed clothes and headed out to find some lunch/dinner. We ended up back at the mall and had Pizza Hut for dinner (it was very yummy)! Then we went back to the hotel and finished up packing.
Saturday (Feb. 8), we enjoyed our last breakfast at the IBIS Hotel in Abu Dhabi, did the last bit of packing and headed off to the lobby to catch our transport to Al Ain. Our hotel is the Danat Resort and it is wonderful. We have 2 rooms each with 2 beds so no one is sleeping on the floor! The breakfast here is much better (more variety) and there is more to do within a close vicinity.

Sunday (Feb. 9), hubby headed off to the ADEC offices to see if he was going to remain a reserve teacher or if they were going to place him. He returned 2 hours after he left and now has a placement...and he learned he will be teaching science instead of math! After he got back we headed out to Al Ain Mall for lunch and to purchase phones. We had a nice lunch at Applebee's, got our phones and got some information about ice skating lessons for the kids. Then back to the hotel to relax and play at the park. At 7pm, Unicorn headed off to seminary!
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