Thursday, August 9, 2012

Where We "Do School"

One reason we bought this particular home (back in March) was because the garage had been converted into a LARGE room! We are blessed to be able to use this room as our school room, toy storage room and (eventually) for food storage.

Let me give you a tour:
This is the room as you walk in from the Kitchen and Laundry rooms.
This is the room from another angle. The white desk (with the laptop on it) is hubby's part of the desk.
Here is where we do art or other group work. The file boxes are where we store completed work.
To the right is the toy closet. The cabinets hold school supplies for art, history and other basic supplies. The rolling cart holds manipulatives for reading and math as well as puzzles on top. The table is our puzzle (and WikiStick) table. You can also see our posters from We Choose Virtues.
Bookshelves (from IKEA)
Whiteboard for reading/spelling. Corkboard with pledge, skip-counting, virtue card and religion chart.
World Map and letter chart for All About Reading (pre-level 1)
Workboxes (from IKEA)
Unicorn's desk (that she shares with daddy)
My desk. It has a pull-out shelf that Monkey and Ladybug like to use to do their work.

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  1. Very nice! And so organized. I bet you make a wonderful teacher/super mom...
    Sue Koski Cloquet, MN

  2. I love how organized you are. We bought our house for a room similar to this too. Unfortunately, ours is still not ready :-( Now I have some great ideas though.

    1. Thanks Karrie! Ours still has a lot of work needed (if you look closely you can still see piles of boxes and stuff we still need to unpack)! ;) Good luck and have fun!

  3. Very organized place! I love the Ikea shelves. I would like to have room to store our books on an easily accessible shelf, but alas...the ones we are not currently using at this moment are down in the basement...NOT AT ALL accessible.

    1. Thanks Jamie! I love IKEA as well! Hope that someday you will have your books accessible! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. What a fantastic learning space! Looks like you are ready for a great year! Have fun!

  5. What a gigantic and wonderful space! Hope you have a great school year and thanks for sharing with the Not Back to School Blog Hop!!

    Stephanie @


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