Friday, May 13, 2011

2011 Curriculum ~ 6th Grade

Unicorn is 11 years old. She went to public school until April of 2010. She is an EXCELLENT reader but struggles in math. My goals for her are to strengthen her math skills, keep her excelling in reading, give her a good grasp of history and religion, to help her discover her strengths and interests and give her the tools to develop them.

Reading ~ She reads one book for a literature study and one more "fun" book. Currently she is reading The Secret Garden for literature and the Leven Thumps series for fun. Next up for literature are Little Women and Anne of Green Gables with a CurrClick class covering these books during the summer. Then I am hoping to put her in a BYU Independent Study course. I think the Harry Potter series is our next for fun set of books.

Writing ~ Wordsmith Apprentice, her Blog and Email.

Math ~ Math Mammoth Grade 3 (and hopefully into Grade 4 by December)

Science ~ Whatever she wants! We will notebook and/or lapbook. We will use Hands of A ChildUnit Studies and Download N Go by Amanda Bennett and CurrClick as our main resources. We will also be keeping Nature Journals and Gardening.

Art ~ We will be learning to draw. Some of the books we will use include: Draw and Write through HistoryHow to Draw 101 AnimalsHow to Draw and How to Draw Lettering.

Religion ~ We do religion as a family. We will be studying the Old Testament. We will use The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Primary WorkbookHeart of Wisdom (Adam to Messiah) and other resources I find on the internet. Unicorn and I are also going to start Scripture Journals this year.

Foreign Language ~ RosettaStone Latin finish year 1.

P.E. ~ WiiFit, running, walking and Nutrition (not sure what we're going to use for this yet).
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