Friday, April 29, 2011

Week in Review ~ Week 33

~Family Accomplishments~

~Completed unit on Prayer
~Continued reviewing Articles of Faith 1-6
~Continued memorizing "The Living Christ" (First 16 sentences complete)
~Completed our 155th day
~Completed our 2010-2011 school year...this is my last Week in Review post...I will be using The Homeschool Mother's Journal to track our accomplishments from now on.

~Unicorn's Accomplishments~ 

~Completed Discover the Scriptures lesson on Howard W. Hunter and Gordon B. Hinkley
~Continued working on Unit 2 in Rosetta Stone Latin (94% overall)
~Completed Notebooking Pages for Nebraska, Colorado, North Dakota and South Dakota
~Continued Reading The Secret Garden
~Math Whizz she hit a brick wall…we will be taking a break from this
~Wrote in her journal
~Worked on Red Tides unit for Science (click here for my Review)

~Ladybug's Accomplishments~

~Took a break this week!

~Monkey's Accomplishments~

~Took a break from school 

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